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My Obsession with This American Life

I’ve heard stories from This American Life before – usually from some other NPR show where they played one story from the show, or even only one part of a story.  After I had exhausted the recent archive of other NPR favorites like Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me last week, I clicked on This American Life I listened to one day’s collection of stories, which the host, Ira Glass, calls “acts”.  Then the most recent one before that, then another.  Now I’m officially obsessed.

So far, I’ve listened to all of the 2011 episodes and all of the 2010 episodes and I’m making my way through 2009. I’ve made notes about a couple of individual “acts” that I might use in my GEP classroom this fall.  Maybe my students will roll their eyes. Maybe they will be interested and accidentally learn something. Maybe one, just one, will become addicted like I am.

I just love a good story, don’t you?